Citizenship Application Process & Costs

In order to make an application for citizenship, the first step is to choose the investment route in order to qualify for citizenship.

Property Buying Guide & Cost

Applicants must choose their desired real estate investment. Applicants can view all the approved real estate projects on our website or alternatively, directly from the Citizenship by Investment website.

Our Service

FRI Svetovanje d.o.o. works with reliable and certified partners in Antigua in order to provide a one stop solution to facilitate a smooth and seamless application process for citizenship under the Antigua & Barbuda CIP.

Investment Options

Summarised table of the investment options available under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Approved Real Estate

Regulation 6 of the "Citizenship by Investment Act 2013" sets out the process by which real estate projects are approved for investment by applicants to the CIP

Visa Free Travel

Visa-free travel for Antigua & Barbuda passport holders...