Required Documents

Below is a list of documents required for the application process:

  • Certified copy of your current passport(s) showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number, and issuing country.
  • Certified copy of your current National Identity Card(s).
  • 8 original passport-size colour photos of yourself, taken within the past 6 months. One of the photos must be certified, one must be attached to Form AB2 and one to Form AB3.
  • 1 Original excerpt of marriage record or certified copy of marriage certificate(s) if applicable (i.e if married persons apply together).
  • Certified copy of divorce documents (if applicable).
  • All applicants aged 18 and over must provide an original police «certificate of no criminal record» from any country where they have lived for more than 6 months over the past 10 years and all countries of citizenship. Certificate must be no older than 6 months.
  • Certified copy of military record(s) (if applicable).
  • Certified copy of proof of name change (if applicable).
  • Certified copy of full birth certificate.
  • Original results of HIV test, no older than 3 months.
  • At least 1 original bank reference letter issued by an internationally recognised bank, no older than 6 months.
  • At least 1 original professional reference (e.g. from an Attorney, notary public, Chartered Accountant or other professional of similar standing) no older than 6 months.
  • 1 original document of evidence of residential address (e.g. certified copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement showing full name and address, or written confirmation from a Bank, Attorney, Chartered Accountant or notary public).