Property Buying Guide & Costs

Step 1

Applicants must choose their desired real estate investment. Applicants can view all the approved real estate projects on our website or alternatively, directly from the Citizenship by Investment website.

It is recommended that the applicants visit the islands before making a decision on the purchase of real estate.

It is important for the applicant to be aware of the investment potential, financial strength, track record and reputation of the developer before committing to a property.

Applicants can appoint FRI Antigua & Barbuda as agents for the purpose of acquiring real estate.  As agents, the following services are included:

  • Obtaining all relevant information regarding the chosen real estate project.
  • Review of the real estate development and ensuring that the developer can provide all the relevant information regarding the project to the Citizenship by Investment Unit, for the purpose of citizenship approval.
  • Full legal support, including drawing up of contracts and undertaking due diligence.
  • Completion of the sale agreement, including filing of all required documents with the court and land registry.
  • Communicating with the tax office and ensuring payment of all government disbursements and taxes.

Step 2

Once a property is chosen, a reservation contract is entered into between parties. The contract will stipulate that the applicant must complete the sale agreement within 30 days of approval for citizenship from the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

The reservation contract will become the basis of the application for citizenship under the real estate option.

FRI Antigua & Barbuda and its licensed agents will liaise between the Citizenship by Investment Unit and the developer in order to ensure that the developer provides necessary documentation for the approval of the citizenship application.

Step 3

The applicant, following receipt of citizenship approval from the Citizenship by Investment Unit, must complete the sale agreement within 30 days.

At this stage, all contracts are signed and payments are made. Transfer of title will, however, be completed following acquirement of citizenship as to avoid payment of “Alien Landholding License”.

Step 4

Following receipt of citizenship, the relevant documents are filed to enable transfer of title to the purchaser. At this stage, the applicant is required to make payment of the Stamp Duty Tax.


  • 2.5% stamp duty tax