Our Services

FRI Antigua & Barbuda works with reliable and certified partners in Antigua in order to provide a one-stop solution to facilitate a smooth and seamless application process for citizenship. 

Our services include:

Expert guidance, advice and support during the application process. This includes carefully reviewing applications in order to ensure that they are correctly completed and all supporting documentation is in order.

Complete and thorough processing of applications. We ensures that all aspects of the application process right up to the issuance of passports are taken care of. This includes liaising with the Citizenship by Investment Unit, filing of all necessary forms & documents and paying all government fees.

Legal support for acquisition of real estate and business investments. Services include due diligence, preparation of contracts, payment of disbursements and taxes and filing of documents with the relevant authorities.

Financial advice, including structuring investments, corporate formations, tax planning, international banking and structured finance.

Corporate services, including company formation and filing of statutory accounts.